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aka / Arbeitskreis Kulturanalyse is a working group for cultural analysis and exists since June 2013.

aka is an open, interdisciplinary network for people interested or active in the fields of art, science, and culture. A particular concern lies with the endorsement and mutual support of young researchers.

aka is interested in symbolic forms and cultural practices in their complex and manifold appearances. It aims at the combination of cultural and social analysis as well as at the junction of science and art.

aka opens up spaces for thematic exchanges and discussions. Regular reading groups offer the opportunity of jointly developing and discussing theoretical approaches from all fields of the humanities and social sciences, including philosophy, theology and psychoanalysis, as well as literary, cultural, media, postcolonial and gender studies.

aka organizes events of different formats. It has a particular focus on transdisciplinary, innovative, and emancipatory approaches that are committed to act on significant problems of the present, to reflect and theoretically found them, and to make them accessible to the broader public.

aka is also on facebook.


Mieke Bal: 5 Principles of Cultural Analysis

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